Hella Sketchy Limited Edition Pre-Release Vinyl (only 50). 180g clear vinyl press with a hidden track only available on the vinyl. A digital release will not include this and will not be released until these are delivered. Making you the first to hear these new drops. Production note: Usually takes 4-7 weeks. We do get behind on occasion and can take a little longer 7-8 weeks.

Yuukai X Hella Sketchy Artist Series Limited Edition Poster! Only 50 available.
$17.99 + shipping

Hella Sketchy Album Release Poster!
$15.99 + shipping

Hella Sketchy [FAZE] Pop Figure. Exclusive limited edition, full custom hand-made, signed and numbered, only 19 left of 100 made. A true collectors item. This is a pre-order, these are hand done and will take 6 to 8 weeks to ship based on order number. Due to the production costs, the price will be $79.99 plus shipping. Limited one (1) per person please.

Hella Sketchy Enamel Backpack Pin $6.99 + shipping

Hella Sketchy Coffee Mug $10.99 + shipping. Many of you asked after seeing my posts, so here you go.

Hella Sketchy X Pop Socket ©. Official Hella Sketchy custom Pop Socket for your mobile device. These are a limited run of only 50 so cop yours while supplies last. $14.99 + shipping

Hella Sketchy SS21 Icon Hoodie. High quality, medium weight, fleece lined. $69 + shipping


Pink Sketchy Hoodie with White Text. High quality, medium weight, fleece lined. $55 + shipping

Hella Sketchy SS21 Icon Tee. High quality, medium weight, 100% cotton. $35 + shipping


Hella Sketchy SS21 Pink Beanie. High quality, medium weight, embroidered. $23.99 + shipping

We all know how much Sketchy loved beanies. Many of you have asked where to get these so the links will be included here. The Pikachu was arguably the most recognized. Though it comes with the tassels and pokemon balls, he removed those after wearing it some.

Here is the link to get one of your very own Pikachu Hat

Jacob loved play Overwatch, and many of you got to play with him. Here is another one of his favorite beanies, Blizzard Overwatch D.Va Tassel Beanie.

Cop yours Here

Black or Pink Sketchy Stickers $2 ea / 3 for $5 / 10 for $10 + shipping


Hella Sketchy Icon Cutout Stickers $1.50 ea / 3 for $3 / 5 for $4 + shipping (Pop not included)


Holgraphic Icon Cutout Sticker $2.25 ea + shipping

Holgraphic Pulse Sticker $2.00 ea + shipping